barbee & timmie chuidian

two kids (another on the way!) homeowners, merged private client portfolios....they are all set.  we formed a dinner club we see each other more often.
klara leung & ken chen

the other half of our twin cousins. klara is the one usually wearing a headband.  klara & ken are expecting another baby to keepp  nathan  company.  they are living in taipei.  
stephanie chen

stephanie and mark were married in 2004 and will be parents very soon.
tom & cara barnes

sophie barnes, sophie barnes.  we love sophie barnes.  sophie barnes loves her baby brother cooper.  parents obviously love hockey to name him cooper!  dad remains king of hockey.
scarlet fu & dennnis goh

scar is still working at bloomberg and dennis is still working at deutsche bank...but they are now in the new york offices.  they are homeowners, grown up.  baby oliver is expecting a sibling. 
carissa szeto & tim fang

carissa will finally finish her mba course in 2006.  hopefully we can start seeing more of her.  but when in doubt, we usually find tim at la dolce vita for friday happy hour.
beautiful people society
it's quite bold refer to our life in hong kong as the beautiful people society. bill was the author of the "bps" reference.   after attending one of our roof top parties, he told tricia (who was still at hbs at that time) that it was another one of the beautiful people society gathering.  we got a big kick of out that.

the objective of this page is to track the lives of the friends we've made while living in hong kong. as we started to list our friends (in random order..) we are reminded how "beautiful" our friends are  both inside and out. they have enriched our lives and made our memories of hong kong so much more beautiful. 

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tricia buenaventura & bill nichol

tricia and bill are proud parents of isabella (jul 2003) and harry (nov 2005).  we are the babysitters on sundays.
bettina virtusio

aka mrs timothy gray.  The Grays recently bought a house in Los Angeles area so baby elliott (born may 2004) can have lots of space to run around.
dianne fermin

dianne is working for the shangri-la group in beijing.  it's so nice that she is one of our frequent guest.  she still has the energy to party when she is in hong kong.
theresa lee

theresa is getting married on feb 18 2005 in greece!  and there is also a little surprise on its way. 
will zee

you won't believe this - but will got married in 2003 in new york.  vivian and will were voted the best looking couple in singapore. 
katrina virtusio

kat and barry got married in dec 2004 and are now living in new jersey. 
catherine wang & tony chen

they got married on 22 June 2002 in san francisco. they welcomed baby amelia in 2005.  tony is finishing his mba at bekerly this year and hopefully get back into hockey soon.
connii leung & thomas ng

parents of TWO kids now.  they just moved to england and we miss them dearly.  they are very good about sending photos so we can keep up with the kids.
linda & curtis louie

the louies (along with  justin and drew) are back in new york.  we miss them dearly.  lucky  dennis & scar's baby oliver will have more playmates.
deborah & tom cooney

after beijing and santiago, they are back in the US capital with a new addition... brennen and alanna.  they will be back in asia soon.  yippee. 
erik humphrey

erik is married to a model!  he is back in san diego.  guess to live out his ideal lifestyle of going to work barefoot.  do they let you do that at ucsd?  to keep up his love for music, he is still in a band
winnie yee

winnie is a newlywed and now living in london with her husband justin.  the gals flew all the way to france in september to attend the wedding.  no doubt, she is a beautiful bride.
friends list
(small) elaine cheung & herbert tam

finally, a couple who are still living in hong kong.  herbert is still running the denim empire while elaine is busy being mom.  baby matthew was born in july 2003 and is one happy, chubby baby.
grace lin & mark chan

this is a set of parents who would inspire me to hip parents as well.  grace is at goldman and mark at ubs.  baby sammy girl is really little mark! friendship can cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark on it forever ~ francois mauriac
heidi wong & richard shin

heidi is always the fashion queen.  don't let her size fool you.  you should be afraid!  rich is still working in indonesia.  hope his next posting will still be in asia.
germaine sze

talk about changes all at once.  changing jobs and now mrs. gordon tso.  now baby is on its way in june.  see her baby shower photos.
matt aujla

matt is now in bangkok.  maybe we will have a better chance to meet up with him now.  in hk, he was always working!
dominic penaloza

he is the father of hungryforwords a  dotcom survivor.  he is also the father of nicholas and luke.  
jason zao

jason's bride in japanese and together they are living in tokyo.  jason is working at deutsche bank - very different from his days at reebok
lily ng

after living in canada and new york for a couple of years, lily is back in hong kong working for disney - marketing of tv programs.  have you met her new man - steve?
Ken Wong

keeeen wong is back in tokyo working for morgan stanley (or some investment bank and not ING barings)
christine cheong

some lucky guy named tom just snatched up our classy, most eligible bachelorette in bali over easter 2004.  they stopped off in hk for a wedding dinner reception.  so much fun to see our old friends.
audrey leung & alan liu

after their june  wedding they moved to atlanta.  now they are also parents to baby alex.  alex just won a baby contest recently.
veronika trinkle clough

seems so long ago that someone swept her off her feet got her to move to the u.k.  now, family of three are in the states.
suyin lee

our first new years eve together in hk was spent with suyin in lan kwai fong.  after 7 years back in australia, she is finally back in asia (shanghai to be exact).
mitch wong

mitch is now in real estate.  he is living in san francisco bay area.  his 2005 new year resolution is to spend more time with his he will be back in asia more frequently.
dennis lee & winny tong

arrived later in the bps scence.  but if you've ever heard dennis laughter and witnessed winny's charm, they just got married in april 2004 and are now living in the solomn islands.
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melissa szeto

melissa just visited us in hong kong in may 2004 with her husband steve.  they are thinking about moving back to hong kong.  a welcoming idea.
carlo & celina singson

we are seeing a trend here...getting married, buying a home, and of course a baby!  carlo is still with nba and finally tied the knot with celina.